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This step-by-step guide will show you how to set up your server using Linux, Nginx, MariaDB, PHP-FPM, Java, IPv6, HTTPS, HTTP/2, WordPress and much more!

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Are you currently having hosting problems? Do you feel that your site slowlyness is killing sales or traffic? Would you like to fix the shaky fundaments of your website? What if there was a single, high quality resource of information on creating a solid foundation for your website, using the best open source software available?

Look no futher! After reading Fast, Scalable And Secure Webhosting For Web Developers you'll have the knowledge to run your site on a speedy, scalable and secure server. Plus you won't panic when something goes wrong! This book is intended for web developers, internet marketers, startup companies and DIY people who have some experience in building websites and the surrounding technologies but have outgrown their current hosting.

In this Book You Will Discover....

  • Choosing your website hosting

    Explains the different types of hosting and their pros/contras

  • Installing the Operating System

    Checklist for choosing the right Linux OS distribution

  • Performance baseline

    Benchmarks to test the speed of your server

  • Tuning KVM Virtualization settings

  • Tuning Kernel Parameters

    Improving the scalability, network and SSD speed of your server

  • Installing OpenSSL

    Secure the communications between your server and your visitors

  • Ordering a domain name for your website

    Ordering a domain and configuring DNSMadeEasy

  • Installing MariaDB 10.1

    A more performant drop-in replacement for the well known MySQL database

  • Installing nginx webserver (incl. HTTP/2)

    Learn how to compile, install and configure Nginx for optimum performance

  • Installing PHP 5.6.x and 7.1

    PHP a server-side scripting language which is used by more then 240 million websites.

  • Installing PHP-FPM

    Configure the PHP Fast Process Manager, in charge of forwarding requests for nginx to the PHP interpreter

  • Installing memcached

    Configure the memory object caching system to speed up dynamic websites by reducing the load on the database.

  • Updating PHP to a new version

    How to keep your PHP version up-to-date!

  • Installing ImageMagick for PHP

    Enable PHP support for creating, editing and converting bitmap images

  • Installing PHPMyAdmin

    Administrate your MariaDB databases via the PHPMyAdmin Web Tool

  • Installing Java 8

    Install Java, the enterprise programming language

  • Installing Jetty

    Install the very performant Java based web application server Jetty

  • Using a CDN

    Configure a Content Delivery Network to speed up the performance of your website

  • HTTPS everywhere

    Make your site secure by running it over HTTPS!

  • Installing Wordpress

    Wordpress is one of the worlds most used blogging platforms. It allows you to easily publish a weblog on the internet.

  • Optimizing Wordpress

    Install and configure performance related WordPress plugins to make WordPress fly!

  • Google Pagespeed

    The Google Pagespeed module optimizes your site for better end-user performance! Configure it for optimal performance!

  • Secure your site with the CSF Firewall

    Secure your site against hackers with the easy-to-use CSF Firewall

  • More chapters for free in the future!

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About the author

Wim Bervoets is a veteran in the world of websites.

I started my first website Wim's BIOS ( back in 1996 as a hobby. Wim’s BIOS is the internet premier source for finding BIOS Updates. Besides in formation on how to find the correct BIOS upgrade, you can find out general information about yout PC’s BIOS, the manufacturer of your motherboard, BIOS settings, FAQ.

More then 15 years later this technology site keeps going strong with thousands of visitors every day.

Aside from that I'm a professional Java developer / architect with 15 year experience in building enterprise based systems.

I currently live in the heart of Europe - Belgium - well known for its good beers, fries and chocolates 🙂

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